Larus cachinnans

(last update: February 16, 2013)

Greg Neubauer
Marcin Przymencki
Albert de Jong
Mars Muusse


cachinnans plumages

Larus cachinnans 2CY 147P March 06 2017, Katwijk beach, the Netherlands.

Red 147P ringed as pullus on May 26 2016 at Rz. Wisła, Zastów Karczmiski, Opole Lubelskie POLAND (51°15'25.2''N 21°51'36.0''E) by ringer Łukasz Bednarz.
Location: Zastów Karczmiski, Poland - colony at the banks of the Middle Vistula river. More information on this breeding colony HERE.
In 2004 240 breeding pairs (95% cachinnans, <5% argentatus). (Ornis Fennica 2011 88, 80-89) and in 2012 592 pairs (90% cachinnans, <10% hybrid / argentatus) and possibly Larus michahellis (pers comm. Łukasz Bednarz).
Middle Vistule river is a location where several taxa breed: see composition. Since this is a mixed breeding population where hybridisation is not uncommon, the ringing centre in Poland decided to label birds "Larus argentatus sensu lato". Still bulk of the breeding birds in Middle Vistula region show features of cachinnans. 100+ images of adult cachinnans breeding in this large colony: HERE.

Recoveries for red 147P:
26/05/2016 Caspian Gull colony
Larus cachinnans kolonia
Rz.Wisła,Zastów Karczmiski,Opole Lubelskie
Łukasz Bednarz
25/09/2016 Larus argentatus/cachinnans
Larus argentatus/cachinnans
Stanisław Łubieński
23/11/2016 Caspian Gull
Larus cachinnans
Niels Christian Nielsen
04/12/2016 Caspian Gull
Larus cachinnans
Mons: Grand Large de Nimy
Robin Gailly
06/03/2017 Caspian Gull
Larus cachinnans
Katwijk: beach
Mars Muusse

On left side 1x tertial replaced and some single coverts now 2nd gen. Classic cachinnans, from Katwijk observatiosn presumably female.