Larus cachinnans in the Netherlands

(last update: August 16, 2020)

Albert de Jong
Merijn Loeve
Roland-Jan Buijs
Thijs Horst
Leon Kelder
Mars Muusse


Cachinnans - nest Lelystad 143Z

General remarks:

  • Eggs: Volume measured by Stonehouse (1964) and Spaans & Spaans (1975), which make comparison possible with data from Texel (Camphuysen pers comm 16.04.2020).
  • Nest 143 positioned on dam 1 next to nest 19 (north side). Nets is part of "Herring gull control group".
  • ID uncertain in 2022: one parent is (sub-adult) Herring Gull.
partner 1 June 2nd, 2022 4CY argenteus. June 2nd, 2022 4CY argenteus. .
pullus June 28th, 2022: pullus r[F.0] + unringed sibling. June 28th, 2022: pullus r[F.0]. June 28th, 2022: unringed sibling.

Visits and data.

30-05-2022 chick at waterfront with sub-adult Herring Gull.
    metal darvic mass
pullus NLA 5.625.190 r-F.0 492 gr
02-06-2022 r-F0 on blocks with sub-adult Herring Gull.
28-06-2022 r-F0 swimming between dams, with 2x unringed siblings. Fledging success = 3 out of 3.